Welcome to Crown Capital Advisors, INC.

  Contact : (888) 79-CROWN | (888) 792-7696

Why Benepath? It’s as Simple as 1-2-3.

  • 1. We Manage 100% of our Marketing Efforts using Search Marketing
  • 2. All of our Leads are 100% Exclusive—they are only sent to you and nobody else.
  • 3. Each Agent Gets Branded on Our Website—Consumers Expect Your Call

Watch the video to learn more.

Quick Facts

  • Owner was a former insurance agent
  • Geographic territories are based on state
  • Minimum order is 5 leads per week
  • No minimum contract length, just a reasonable 7 day cancellation notice
  • Easy to use back office to manage your account
    • -Return leads
    • -Mark sales and contacts
    • -Update your account information
    • -Setup your vacation pause

For more information

visit www.benepath.net/Crown-Capital-Advisors.html

Special Pricing for Crown Capital Advisors

  • Local
    Under 65 Price
  • Statewide
    Under 65 Price
  • Local
    Final Expense
  • Statewide
    Final Expense
*Pricing includes a Basic health filter which filters out AIDS, Cancer, Obesity, and Heart Conditions.
If you want Unhealthy Leads only, the price per lead is $14.95
Pricing Discounts available for high volume, multi-state buyers.