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Our Services

As the insurance and securities industries blend together both in product and regulation, be a step ahead of your competition to meet the needs of your clients and successfully navigate the new world of regulation. Crown Capital Advisor’s mission is to provide you with the resources that will enable you to grow your business and start seeing results immediately.

Concierge Service Desk

post_format_03“We’ve been successful on doubling producers production with very little effort on their part. We are able to easily accomplish this goal with our dedicated concierge service, which assists producers with tasks such as: filling out, printing and mailing applications, booking appointments, managing marketing campaigns, securing seminar attendees, running illustrations and case design, streamlining all new business and contracting activities, and various other important functional areas of a successful producer’s practice. Our experience tells us that as an Independent Advisor, clerical duties are not what you’re particularly best at or want to focus on primarily; whether it be in contracting, new business, or commissions operations. Let us free you to focus on your clients, their needs, and building relationships.

The Concierge Service Desk is one of our premier value drivers for your business. Whether you are a seasoned producer or just getting your feet wet, our in-house service department of virtual assistants is able to bring the support you need, so that you can expand and build your business, while creating more personal time. Our services include:”

  • Manage marketing programs, such as seminar maintenance and organization continued business activity.
  • Event and appointment booking, as if done from your office.
  • Phone support during scheduled vacations or prolonged absences from the office.
  • Assistance in document fulfillment through Lazer App.
  • Pre and post-sale receipt and review of applications for completeness.
  • Web based time management and client contact data system.
  • Pre-screening of carrier specific suitability requirements when and where appropriate.
  • Broker Deal Business Transition Support

Start enhancing your business and increase your sales volume immediately!

Experienced Case Design


We believe every producer we work with is as unique as the clients they service. When a client gives you the privilege of helping them to plan their financial future, insure their life, and protect their assets, they’re choosing a partner that they believe will create a winning strategy for their situation. We are able to help you navigate the wide offering of products and provide you the illustrations and reasoning behind any recommendation. This will allow you to always present with confidence in know that the very best is being done for your client. We will provide on a timely basis:

  • Case preparation and client fact finding.
  • Product and selling recommendations based on the needs of your clients.
  • Illustrations and proposals that are client friendly.
  • Retirement planning tools, easy for you to use, easier for your client to read.
  • Help closing a sale or answering questions from your clients.

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Client Generator Tool Kit

Important Things to Know

client-genWe provide many different avenues to generating new clients! Finding new clients can be easily attained by any one of our in-house lead generation programs, through our solid guidance as to what is working with our staff and other strong producers around the country, or by proven lead generation companies.

Give us a call today! We will discuss all the different options available to you the producer!

Advertising and Marketing

Our creative and unique approach to marketing delivers global thinking, fresh ideas and plan execution, all while keeping you on time and within your operating budget.

Leverage our expertise and gain access to an infrastructure needed to get your marketing done, all while not adding headcount and unnecessary overhead.

  • Business and Marketing Planning.
  • Marketing Plan Execution.
  • Search Engine Friendly Customized Websites.
  • Stationary Kits – Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead.
  • Brochures.
  • Advertising and PR Campaigns.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Seminar Selling Campaigns.

Start enhancing your business and increase your sales results immediately!