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Concierge Service Desk

“We’ve be able to double advisor’s production with as little as 6 hours a week of dedicated concierge service designated to tasks such as; to fill out, print and mail apps, book appointments, manage marketing campaigns, book seminar attendees, run illustrations and more. Our experience tells us that as an Independent Advisor, clerical duties are not what you’re best at, or how you get paid. Let us free you to focus on your clients, their needs, and building relationships.

The Concierge Service Desk is one of our premier value drivers for your business. Whether you are a seasoned producer or just getting your feet wet, our in-house service department of virtual assistants is able to bring the support you need so that you can expand and build your business, while creating more personal time. Our services include:”

  • Manage marketing programs, such as seminar maintenance and organization continued business activity.
  • Event and appointment booking, as if done from your office.
  • Phone support during scheduled vacations or prolonged absences from the office.
  • Assistance in document fulfillment through Lazer App.
  • Pre and post-sale receipt and review of applications for completeness.
  • Web based time management and client contact data system.
  • Pre-screening of carrier specific suitability requirements when and where appropriate.
  • Business transition to Questar Capital.
  • Broker Deal Business Transition Support

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