Welcome to Crown Capital Advisors, INC.

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Welcome to Crown

We Just Do Things Differently

At Crown Capital Advisors’ we generate the sales tools, find the benefits for your clients, and provide the training specific to your practice. When the industry is in constant flux, we bring stability to your practice. As industry oversight requires more of you, we help bring additional support to deal with that added cost of time and money. Crown is the back office that enables you to be successfully independent!

Who Said You Were Alone


We provide sales ideas and training that will help give you a steady flow of ideas and concepts to present. We help identify and match your prospects needs to strong viable solutions.

We understand suitability and trade review. With our experience in trade processing, we can help you complete the paperwork needed to get your cases placed. We are an active OSJ firm. Our OSJ’s not only supervise, but mentor producers from a steady, successful, and continual sales track record. We put ourselves in the producer’s shoes for any planning opportunity. This ensures that the most successful experience is had by all parties, and that everything is done ethically, in a manner the producer requires.

We work best with registered reps and agents (advisors) who believe, and want to be prepared for more future regulation and scrutiny. To realize and achieve success in this business, its about having new solutions and concepts to present, not about selling products. Designing  and communicating the right presentation is essential to the ability of being able to place multiple products in one plan. The true value that comes from an experienced driven FMO has more to do with the realities stated above, rather than to leave the producer in a complacent, non-growth stage; worrying about the next incentive cruise, or how to get the next phone book lead.

Our mentor-ship and support can help keep you in front of a steady flux of new clients, ensure your paperwork is streamlined and error free, save you the time in building case design, and pay you handsomely and fairly for your business. We will help you generate greater revenue by keeping you doing what you do best, meeting with your clients!

Who We Are

Our MissionOur VisionOur Values

mission-statement-300x105A National Marketing organization who provides Registered Representatives, and Insurance Agents the financial and insurance strategies needed to elevate their practice and clients futures.

our-vision-300x198That every American is engaged in protecting themselves and their assets from the uncertainties of life, and to ensure they retire with dignity and a sustainable income that cannot be outlived. Crown aims to provide the tools necessary for advisors’ to make that vision a reality. 
our-values-300x200To handle each case with integrity, providing education to confidently present sound and complete planning advice.

Did You Know

Tax Fact!
The top marginal federal tax bracket was over 90% from years 1944 until 1963!
US Debt Fact!
The U.S. is in over 17 trillion dollars of debt! Check it here:U.S. Debt Clock